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Love is....

Anyway. I was so thrilled...I found a My Little Pony watch in my sister's room today and I jacked it...yay! Wade thinks I should bottle my saliva and sell it as fairy spit. Yum.

Real life is more vivid than the reality we live in, just as our three-dimensional, Tehcnicolour world is so much more solid than a two-dimensional black-and-white photo pasted on a piece of cardboard is. Real life, the real life we don't know about because we can't conceive of it, is probably many exponential dimensions greater and deeper. But if I'd have to pin it down in specific words, I'd never know where to begin.

I think figured out what love is....

Listen up, peoples, cuz I figured it out, damn straight: Love is when you know a part of you is a part of the person you love, and when you know a part of you is a part of that person. You can't manipulate or decieve or lie to them, because it would be like decieving or lying to yourself...what a bitter pill to swallow!

I best be off. Go mingle your stardust with someone, everyone.
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