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Talk is cheap and I don't need you to keep telling me...

I felt so dead after 6th period...I had my drive and I flew by about 10 stop signs, and I had no idea how to get to Safeway from Main Street (which they made me find myself)... grr. But it's not the end of the world..I'm just frustrated because I had only about 5 tests today. Sigh, I need a break away from the world. To bad there isn't a path to the unreachable, a map to the unmappable...because there are no locks or bolts or barriers there, just wide open space. Can you envision emptiness everywhere? Bliss.

Tee told me that the show at the grange is still on Friday. Anyone going?

I felt really icky today, esp. before lunch, and my tummy hurt...I felt like a wilting flower. I wish the docs could help me. Grr, all my life I've been told to wait and wait and wait till things get better. I eventually get used to the demons in my life and let them continue and turn into routine. Wouldn't it be better to stop the demons right as they come along, BEFORE they turn into a perperual hurt? Life is weird.

I found out that Hitler was a dowser - like, someone who's into the forces of nature. Supposedly, he searched for power within the earth to increase his own powers. I guess it worked, too, because in the old films of him, he'll be standing in his open car as it moves along the street, with the crowds cheering around him, but before his car comes to a complete rest, it backs up and goes forward, adjusting until it settles on exactly the right spot - and this was how he "measured" the amount of forces and any given time. That's so strange. I wonder if the forces inside the earth could help the good as well as the evil...? I suppose that I might be able to suck some forces out of the earth into my own body. Hmm...interesting concept. He also believed that is you eat the roots of a plant at your birthplace, you will prevail...nevermind, this is too confusing...and why would I want to be like Hitler, anyway? Grr.

So yeah, anyway...Alex and Lehah are supercute, I just read Alex's thing about how he's in love with her. It's great that he can be so sure about it...that's awesome. GO, Alex, whoo hoo for you, I'm really proud. You too, Lehah. And Alex, I forgive you, I really do, because it's OK, and everyone makes mistakes. But I want you to remember that although I'm really opinionated and stubborn, I know what's best for myself, more than anyone else does. Don't try to interfere. has been really demanding lately, but I'm not about to give up just yet. It seems like there are all these assignments piling way up high on my back...speaking of my back, grrr, it hurts like hell again! Need...chiropractor...ouch! *crack*! I think I complain too much. Note to self: QUIT YOUR WHINING!

I miss Patrick, I wonder where he is...

Hmmm, nothing else interesting to write about, so I might as well go. Love to you all.
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