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I was born two weeks that why I hesitate?

Whee, I just got done getting some piano music off the I play Moonlight Sonata the RIGHT way! I'm such a music geek.

Jules was gone today, it made me sad, because I have 2 whole periods with her! I guess she went to Salt Lake City...hehe, Mormon country. She's mormon maybe it isn't funny to her like it is to me...*bubble pops*.

Erin asked me today: "Do you want Gavin back?" WHY, I thought...? I had almost forgotten about him. Is it right to forget the ones we used to be so close to? I don't know why that relationship lated for so long. I suppose I only stumbled into it, unprepared, unwarned, thinking of nothing, and then I was caught in that inextricable net. I was alone...I only. The moment of then closed us together in its gaping grin of horrible incredulity. Maybe all of it made me a stronger person. Maybe he'll be willing to talk someday, and so will I. Maybe I just shouldn't think about it...yeah, that sounds good. Okay then.

I was given four whole pennies by JT yesterday. It goes to my Lia-needs-a-new-guitar-fund. Speaking of which, that dumbgirl Victoria was at my bus stop again this afternoon. She DRIVES me insane! Jeff was burning grass on the cement, and she said, "Mmm, it smells like cigarettes, I love the smell of cigarettes!" all poseurish- chainsmoker like.
"It smells like burning grass to me, sweetheart," I said. Then later, Tyson had his guitar, and he gave it to her for a minute while he skated, and she said to me (all poseurish-like again), "Yeah, I can play the electric REALLY well, but not an accoustic. I have no idea how to play an accoustic." I looked at her in bewilderment, fuming at her lies. She has bright red hilfiger shoes, and her backpack matches them. They make me cringe. Oh no, I feel like alex and chris making fun of julia...grr...atleast I don't make fun of the way she walks, just her petty lies. Hehhe, I'm sorry, I love you guys! And I'm sorry bout my bad mood lately, Alex. I don't know what it is...perhaps I have too much on my mind. Anywho. I need to quit bashing people, and so does everyone else. I'm such a huge hyporcrite...I suck, I suck! Grrr...

Yeah, I think casual sex DOES sound pretty yummy right now...but fingertip touching sounds better.

I got some random compliments on my hair today. It made my day. Now if only they could be confirmed as true, since my unpretty mood is increasing, and my fairylike attitude is escaping from me. MUST...WEAR...WINGS...SOON....*pant, pant*..."Her beauty, which before she might have doubted, should be undeniable now. She reminds Cherry of some kind of mythological creature trancing out in an exotic dance...a hermaphrodite belly-dancer with the cheekbones of a wild cat and translucent wings, like stars. Even so, she feels even less beautiful after the things that happened when she was a child." [from my story...]

Sariah (whee, Sariah!) is trying to convince me to join DivCom. I think that might be fun...I might just give it a try.

Just one more day of school until the, everyone. Anyway, I have to go have an affair with Melissa. See you all later...kisses for EVERYone. Especially Patrick...on the neck....*smiles.*
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