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The lost domain.

I ate a really gross muffin this morning, and after that, felt really I couldn't eat a thing. It pissed me off, too, because my mum made spaghetti (she actually cooked!) and I had to miss it. Growl.

On a better note, I finally found some sex pistols tabs that sound right. I talked about this with Wade today - I HATE it when people post tabs that are ALL wrong...grrr! Well, these ones are right, so I'm impressed! Whee.

Wow, Joelle made me feel good today, she commented on my journal and said that I was TOO DAMN COOL. Was this a compliment, Joelle? You need to write in your journal, so far there are "0 entries" - I checked, hehe. Anyway, that made my day, because things like these are so rare. I'm so happy that everyone is getting into this livejournal thing...although I'm afraid that it's going to become rather dull someday. Well, I can enjoy it for now, atleast...

David told me a while back that he wanted nothing more than to walk and walk, not knowing where he was going, just walking aimlessly. "I have this endless desire..." he told me. But I thought about that. Such moments, such particular glipmses down long vistas of the unattainable, far more than a certain archetypal landscape or emotional perspective on it...they die. You see, we first grasp the black paradox on the human heart of the human condition when we realize that the satisfaction of desire is also the death of desire. I hope he decides to stay....

It's funny how I can log on to my AIM and be on for about two hours, and suddenly I will hear about 10 doors open all at once, and get 10 messages all at once....

Well, I best be off, as I'm being attacked...Everyone wants me to go to the game...hehe. Love to you all.
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