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CORAXAN plastic shovels and futuristic xmas lights.

Today I craved ICE COLD water. Mmmm, like the crystalic arctic waterfalls you see in the commercials...but with ice, like futuristic falling ice cubes..perfectly manifactured and square. Storytime.

"Cherry's father used to say that people accepted and even sometimes appreciated eccentricites in New York. Perhaps there, her beauty might be recognized. Not that Cherry considered herself an eccentricity, but she was certainly smaller than the normal standard of beauty. And her wings were unusual in her own small city. She had looked in "ELLE" magazine where men from Manhattan wore ugly, gauze attemts at her own wings and pranced around. At least they were taking a stab at loveliness, Cherry thought, as she flew in circles above a miniature statue of the Empire State Building that she had come across in a neighbor's garden. Better than here. And here was Barbie, with the opportunity for fame, fortune, and endless attention at her young fingertips, weeping and lighting photos in a way that could endanger gossamer beyond repair...and yet she understood. She understood the pain that comes along with endless attention and praise, the tears that come with obsession and wandering eyes...with cameras that stare you down and take note of every flaw and part..." More tomorrow...I'm getting upset.

Tomorrow is Halloween, and I get to wear my fancy light-up wings...a true fairy again. Narf, I'm getting kicked off of the computer. Love to every one of you...
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