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Yesterday was Halloween...It was quite fun! About 20 of us (me, Lehah, Brandon, Alexio, Mike, Ty, LeAnn, Chris, Vickie, Jeff, I forgetting anyone?-probably.) Anyway, is was superduper fun....except that we got yelled at like a million But I wore my light up fairy wings...whee! I feel like dancing....

"Cherry would always imitate the butterflyish gestures when she danced, rippling her back and letting her arms hover in the air. She danced and twirled to the beats of the fast music as every watched her, her tiny spine rippling like breezy grass, the blossomy toss of her hair, the wind-spun leaf-step of her feet. She didn't care what anyone thought....she was a tiny bead of light flickering in the darkness, like a dewdrop ready to splash from a leaf." Erm, did the dewdrop part make sense?

Anyway, yesh...dancing sounds fun.

I argued with Wade Z about abortion today....erg, I feel terrible about that. It should be legal only in certain instances, such as rape...but that's only my opinion...

I was GOING to continue my story from the picture-taking scene from a few days ago, but I got sidetracked by the dancing scene...

"Suddenly, Cherry understood. She really should have known before, she told herself. But as sophisticated as she was in the world of ladybugs and butterflies and crickets - a diva, a princess, an abassadrix of cool - she still hadn't really learned that much about the Big World, even with all the Vogue and Vanity Fair and New York Time articles she had glanced at while passing through Minit Marts. The world was an uglier place than she would have liked to believe it. It had no respect for the smaller and most delicate members. It would let them starve in the back pages with soulful, hopeful eyes; it would let them be touched in ways that no one should be touched, and broken like wish bones and tossed into the trash, it would let them be exposed and solicited. Cherry reached for a lighter and touched it to the corner of one of the photographs. The photo began to curl in on itself as the fire ate away at it. Cherry tossed the burning picture into the water and watched it blaze like a firefish in the blue water."

But the children are the next generation, and we should protect them....

Get up, get up, get up, don't let them ever put you down...
We are the children of the night...and fight for the future of our nation, let's come together and unite, cuz nothing's gonna stop us now...let the fire burn inside, nobody can stop this generation, cuz we're the children of the night....hehehe! I was introduced to the Happy Hardcore CD today by Cassiepie. Whee.
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