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Napster decided to die on me about 25 times this morning, mid-download. Now I have ZERO patience...I need to be with someone/thing that will appease me in any way, shape or form. I'll vent it all into my story...haha.

"Cherry was angry - angry over nothing is particular, but angry all the same. Flitting her wings rapidly, she ventured out of her companion's purse and into the open. She took in her surroundings at once: the rainbow-coloured lights flashing, the smell of alcohol, smoke, and leather, the trip-hop music vibrating through the air, and bodies dancing close together, sweat sliding over their bodies in a delicate, disco-lit sheen, moving to the fast beats. All around the club there were more tableaux featuring famous pairs and their friends. Cherry, diguised as one of the disco lights, found Cyrus and hovered near him. She was close enough to smell the cigarette smoke and vanilla shampoo of his hair and see the beads of perspiration on his temples. They made her think sentimentally of dewdrops, which she had never cared that much for, but which now, in the AWFUL, cringe-worthy, urbanized environment, had a special appeal. Breathing in, she began to calm down. Decidedly, she flew to the window, where she paused only briefly, before taking in the vast, rumbling, planet of a city that she hoped somehow to conquer."
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