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Heh, it's election day. I wish I could vote...I don't know how I became political all of a sudden, but I did. I'd vote Gore - I can't figure out why a bunch of people are anti-him! I have no doubt that Gore will protect - and even bolster those precious american resources: public schools, social security, medicare, the budget surplus, clean air/water, and civil rights. Bush - let's face it - would essentially gut them and give the tax breaks to the rich and to all the businesses. Narf, I don't know why everyone thinks that Bush is such a great guy. His "compassionate conservatism" is an oxymoron - his Texas Heath care record shows that covering the uninsured was NOT a priority. He despises the notion of thoughtfulness. He talks out of one side of his mouth about kindness and compassion, and then out of the other traffics in unsults and innuendo! The only thing that he's really got going for him are his tax and spending plans...and I wouldn't vote for him on that basis. I don't believe in anything he stands for socially. Am I seriously supposed to consider voting for an unabashedly anti-choice, anti-gay, geographically and mentally challenged candidate whose attention span and grasp of detail rivals that of a moderately alert freshman? Thanks for the offer, but I think I'd pass...So what if Gore never declared jesus day in Tennessee? I think that we need an active, aggressive government that works to create equal opportunity for everyone. I trust his instincts and I think he's got the best presidential resume. Narf, I sound SO political. No doubt, I'll run for junior class president this year...haha, I'm so into it all of a sudden. Anyway...enough of my political bashing. I think you've all heard enough from me....I hope no one's offended, because I love you all!
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