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Nothing much to say....

This morning was pretty...I woke up and the sun was shining through the blinds. A bunch of us went to the mall....and the mall was decorated all Christmassy...I love this time of year. And I love the mall - not because of all the clothes and trends, not in a shopping-is-fun kind of way...but I like seeing and being around all the people. There's never much diversity there...but it's close enough. It is no paradox but a great truth born out of all facts that human culture advances only through the clash of opposites.

"In the room upstairs, Cyrus and Cherry lay sleeping. Cherry was curled up by his neck. His breath was making her wings wave back and forth like petals in a breeze. They were both smiling beautifully, breathing in and out evenly. Suddenly, the doorbell chimed, echoing through the house, disturbing the peace that had settled over everything within it like loose glitter from Cherry's wings. She woke right away. With uncharacteristic shyness, she realized that she was half naked and disappeared behind a potted African Violet. The moment had been destroyed. All that was left was a tingling sensation along her naked spine and a phantom scent of honeysuckle on her fingers."

Too bad I can only put it into my story instead of being able to project it into my own life. What an advantage it would be to have my own place!

I'm going to NUFAN and Pulley tonight...and One Man Army...muahaha. Too bad that I have a headache right now....
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