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Where am I going now?

"Cherry was writing her name, as big as she possibly could, on a phone booth, hoping that perhaps if people saw it often enough, they would begin to discuss the phenomenon of the return of the queen. They would begin to search for her. At which time she would make herself available to them, and like some magic silver thread, she might transform the coarse, dull fabric of their lives. Right now, she was lost inside herself...for now, she had no idea what she wanted to do with her life. She decided that if she helped other people, it wouldn't have to matter..."

I think I have to explain all my "stories" like Joelle did, because a lot of people have asked what the hell they have all been about. It's not really a's only me mirroring my emotions into a story...or PARTS of a story. Maybe one day I'll put all thse parts into one whole...but for now, these paragraph-long, erm, shall I say "excerpts," are just reflections of my feelings. I have to agree with Joelle (who is brilliant!) - it's just easier to express my feelings this way.

"You'll get by, you always have before...but where am I going to..?"
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