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pixichik's Journal

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It's me, Lia. I find this "mini-biography" pointless, because everything about me is all in my journal...but I'll talk a little about me anyway. Erm, I live in Vancouver and I go to Skyview (OVERPOPULATED POPULARITY SCHOOL - AKA A DISEASE). I crave sunshine and reeses peanut butter cups. I love to argue about theology and pro-life issues. I believe in fighting for the right. I have advice. Celebrate diversity, and never let anyone get in your way. Stand up for what you believe in. Don't ever have any cowardice. Be a lover, not a fighter. Be strong. Be open minded. Be acceptant of your peers. Fight against child abuse. Follow your dreams. Never have sex without music. Free yourself from mental slavery. Meditate. Be an individual. Never conform.

That's me. Want to know more? ...Read my journal.

Other interests include: seasons, fairytales, reflection, serenity, pretzels, shoulders, galleries, bleeding, beats, excitement, jay gordon, starlight, bells, fake fur, blades, relaxation, theories, whispering, hips, visions, circles, abstract expressionism, black and white photos, chalk, fabric, cleanliness, experimentation, venting, curves, hair-dye, movement, dandelions, virginia, rhythm, extremes, chemicals, equal rights, existence, haircuts, thorns, frost, heartbeats, the dwarves, piano music, connection, fingertips, shock, flow, denim, satin sheets, pouting, indulgence, patrick, sidewalk chalk, vocals, crushed velvet, powder, rhapsody, shine, talking to strangers, becoming, paleness, fragrance, reeses peanut butter cups, volume, giving presents, twisting, awe, soy sauce, funky glasses, tylenol, transformation, roads, analogies, fruit punch, roots, body glitter, vogue, shivers, grooving, moonlight sonata, patchwork, fishnet tights, renegade soundwave, melody, chinese takeout, white rice, comprehension, colombia, fluidity, stitches, foam, jones, dialogue, steamed rice, herbals, closets, lungs, voicing my opinion, feminity, caress, publicity, revival, contrasts, thread, ripples, harmonies, glossy thighs, corn flakes, tremors, milky ways, backbones, delicacy, being god, fur elise, leis, joyrides, strobelights, thickness, pushing the artform, juiceboxes, gauze wings, worlds within worlds, unearthly pleasures, boundlessness, maryjane shoes, tangibility, posture, familiarity, saying: narf, golden mornings, postmodern fairytales, chow mein, striking imagery, infinite embrace, short distances, celebrating diversity, straight talk, funky chunky hair gel, deep scars, expression through words, beethoveen, decolletage, dolce and gabbana ads, raw emotion, igniting a spark, cuppiecakes, lush prose, star quality, curliques, translusence, electrals, head shops, mercurial space, plunges, raw talent, paper umbrellas, classic red, contributing, blondness, recounts, defense, human figures, punkorama, pounding music, carman kass, footwear, gyrations, scent of florida, transcending, poppyseed, the orangy calm puddles, bold prints, condenstation, pinpricks, scent of citrus, gisele, newfound imagination, rocky horror piture show, tattered hemlines, shallow faith, earthy pleasures, plastic pearls, tropical flowers, perfect vision, posing theories, versatality, silent tongue, kavakava, catwalk, the sweat of sex, silvery shimmers, girlishness, tranlucent oranges, rushes, stepping lightly, orange blossoms, immediate transformation, c.dior ads, electrifying prose, empty wealth, comebacks, urgent whispers

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