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Narf, I'm Laurie....

Yeah, first period again...Brandon's writing another role play and making everyone characters from That 70s Show. I have been deemed Laurie, Eric's slutty sister. I feel so loved. And in Brandon's LAST role play, I was the feminist chick from Saved By The Bell...narfage...go read it, his username is "punkonvalume..."

AAaaaaanyway. I gained some weight. Whoohoo for me...all the Halloween candy has nade me FAT. There is now a HUGE PILE of candy wrappers sitting next to me, and I'm cruching up a lollipop...I feel like a huge fatass. OKay, I'm getting really pissed off...Randy just said: "Aren't all feminists lesbians?" NO! "Well, just the ones with the short hair," he says...Grrr...! Wow, I really like Sariah's big poster that she hung up: "One only has the right to be an individual if one respects the individuality of others..." I'm going to hang up a bunch that say "Celebrate Diversity..." I already got permission from Ms May!
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